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In running a successful business one may have to make use of different software systems. It is to be admitted without hesitation that how tedious it is to having to go through multiple platforms to muster your business mix of accommodation, retail, booking services, and restaurants. This also comes with a number of issues such as data inconsistencies, high costs, and insufficient tracking of the guest journey.
Globosoft, the state of the art Technology Providers, is where you can have all the support under one roof. We have your platform simplified to run your hospitality, hotel, retail and event business. In addition to a traditional and efficient hotel Property Management System (PMS), you are catered with deep retail- and hospitality-based operational direction. By welcoming our services you will easily be able to manage all your important procedures such as checks-ins, check-outs, spa bookings, reservations, retail sales, table and kitchen management. And since it’s an all-encompassing platform, you get all-round supervision.
Simplify your business environment and deliver superior experiences with our enterprise-wide solution.

Centralized control:

Our software system addresses the complete business facets thoroughly– from financial management to inventory, to procurement, to retail sales, food service, ticketing, reservations and events. You are provided with a single, centralized view of your business, so you can take best and prompt decisions.
Benefits for you: you get to move promotions and offers in your restaurants, stores, activities, and supervise the result in the actual time that it takes a process to occur. Fix prices one time in the back office, and transfer them to all your touchpoints. Manage staffing levels based on volume of reservations within your business. In a nutshell, you get to gain control over the system, and save plenty of time and effort.

Focusing on the preferences of customers:

As your channels and operations are run with a single software system, it gets easier to keep track of your customers’ former interactions and preferences. The customers include all those who dined at your restaurants, resided in your hotel, or merely purchased items from you via online shopping. This data can be potentially put to use to pitch personalized experiences that can essentially impress your guests and incite in warmth in them. A system addressing all your sales channels offers a uniform, excellent experience to all your customers.

Your operational costs lessened:

Reduce costs and get a quick ROI. With Globosoft all-in-one system, you will be able to:

  • Reduce the number of vendors, solutions and integration points
  • Lessen errors caused by manual work
  • Budget can be properly used in real-time data metrics
  • Contrive employing staff based on need
  • Share real-time business information within the company
  • Optimize inventory and lower wastage

What Globosoft solutions does for your entertainment and hotel business?

  • Role-based POS : Amping up service and bring down risk factors: You will be able to fix what data employees can access based on their user role and permission level.
  • Available on all devices : Data of check in and check out customers, addition of discounts and offers, close sales and serve customers on any stationary or mobile device.
  • An integrated view: One window to know all: The data is based on the same data-structure, and can be stored in the same database.
  • Reports: Picturizing your business data, comprehension of patterns, creating elaboate reports and take data-based decisions using the potent BI tools.
  • Quick staff training : Modify staff training with a single system for your hotel bookings and check-ins, retail sales, restaurant, spas, gyms, etc.
  • Global enterprise: Our service is available in multiple languages and works in line with various currencies, tax schemes and rules.

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