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Globosoft - one of India’s rapidly growing Web Site Design & Development Company has always been involved in providing excellent services in custom website design, offshore web development, ecommerce web solution, logo designing, flash web design, template design, graphics design and search engine optimization.

Online marketing, also called Digital Marketing , uses the Internet to right products to the right consumers through internet media . It includes email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and many more

The emergence of social media has significantly changed the relationship between brands and consumers. It has changed how we describe – and it has changed how customers interact with businesses. Specifically, it has changed how they get information about the products and services that they are searching for . We help you to convert your website into business.

Our in-house social media experts can help you identify which social media sites your current and potential clients are spending their time on to help you reach them effectively. We can create an effective and measurable social media strategy for your business that helps you refine your efforts to save time and achieve your goals. We also offer soup to nuts educational programs for you and your marketing staff, social media audits of your current efforts, and highly targeted ad campaigns on social networks like Facebook , linkedIn etc .

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter each have their own advertising platforms. Each one is unique and presents an opportunity to businesses. With our social media advertising program, we can target specific users based on their social media profiles and the content they are interested in. We can deliver campaigns they respond to and test against their response in a hyper-iterative environment. Reach the people who want your product or service in a manner that they respond to best – at an affordable cost per new sale or per new client acquisition.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing services (also referred to as SMM) have gained popularity during the last few years, and now this niche of web promotion and advertising is almost integral part of advertising in the global network. Why? Because the amount of traffic in social networks grows from day to day, and the potential of this ad channel as well as other social media marketing channels cannot be underestimated. And to run a successful advertising campaign to attract visitors to your site, you need social media optimization services. The advent and increasing popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, et cetera led to Social Media Marketing or SMM services becoming an ideal medium of reaching out to a global audience quickly and effectively. However, to run a successful advertising campaign that attracts visitors to your site, you need effective Social Media Optimization or SMO services that help highlight your niche business and advantages of partnering with you.

SMO is a series of complex yet intelligently orchestrated maneuvers or strategies that entice target audiences to your website. These would include, among others, adding social media features such as RSS feeds, social news, “share” buttons and so on to your website on the one hand and various SMM promotional activities on the other. These could be blogging, comments in other blogs, adding social media elements such as videos and images with the intent to garner publicity advertising purposes et cetera. Our SMM services is comprehensive and is always tailored around client-specific needs that includes appropriate SMO deliverables by SMM wizards that not only ensures website visibility and ease of navigation but also guarantees ROI or return on investment efficiently

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