Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) was rampantly conceived as the better medium of business in the present economy as the use of internet in globally pervaded. Internet can be a strikingly innovative channel to actualize marketing and selling products and deliver prompt services to the customers. The key challenges identified by Ecommerce Industry include:

  • Lack or shortage of staff who are train in IT
  • Cost of Technology
  • Want of internet access among targeted clients, including household access to the internet
  • Lack of e-commerce knowledge

Globosoft has provided secured, yet user-friendly and rich e-commerce software solutions using e-commerce web development technologies to customers to ensure significant growth in their business.

E-commerce Software Development Experience

Benefits we have in store for the e-commerce industry:
Globosoft with its domain expertise in custom software development for the e-commerce industry has brought forth a multitude of e-commerce web solutions to help customers supply the solutions and make use of them for the better management of business of their goods/services thereby guaranteeing exceptional growth.

  • Big Data and Analytics Designed and developed an online retail website which takes benefit of social networking strategy over e-commerce platform which helped them to get more business through loyal customers and promoters.
  • Outdoing ourselves by developing web based e-commerce software solution. Resourcefully manage processing and selling used books which increases client's book store revenue by more than 100% in the first quarter and transform the client as one of the largest online stores of used books.
  • Letting clients show their aesthetic and professionally predesigned PowerPoint slides we compose for them, aiming multiple industries, sectors and topics, over the web and acquire more deals across various industries.
  • Conceptualization and practical use of e-commerce web applications based on up-selling and cross-selling strategies.

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